PVA Nasal Sponges

PVA is a highly advanced biocompatible synthetic material. It’s produced by a chemical reaction
resulting in crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol with a completely open cell structure. The final PVA sponge
material has 100% open pores in its structure with no “dead-end pockets” to hold residues.
We are manufacturing all nasal , epistaxis, sinus, otology and other dressing sizes. 
 Made of PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) expansible sponge.
 Soft, comfortable and conforming use.
 Vacuum processed sterile packaging ensuring long and safe protection.
 Easily trimmed with scissors or by hand.
 Micro pore size minimizes tissue ingrowth.
 Capable to absorb 25 times of its own weight.
 Expansion capability under mucosal pressure.
 UNIPORE is biocompatible.

 80mm x 15mm x 20 mm
 80mm x 15mm x 20 mm (With Airway)
 80mm x 15mm x 30 mm (Anatomic Shape)
 45mm x 15mm x 20 mm 
 45mm x 15mm x 20 mm ( With Airway)

*** Please contact for special sizes.