Haemostatic Sponges

Haemostatic Absorbable Gelatine Sponges
Sterile re-absorbable gelatin sponge with a powerful haemostatic effect: the porous surface of the
gelatin induces the rapid rupture of the blood plaques with the consequent activation of the
enzymatic cascade, which leads to natural coagulation.

 Completely absorbed when left in situ
 Non-toxic​​​
 Is absorbed within 2 to 6 weeks
 Can easily be reduced in size to any required format
 Reduces the time of the surgical intervention
 Easy to use
 Practical
 Safe
 Reliable​

80mm x 50mm x 10 mm
70mm x 50mm x 10 mm
80mm x 30 mm (Anal)
10mm x 10mm x 10mm (Dental

*** Please contact for special sizes.