External Nasal Splints

External nasal splints are professional post-operative medical devices applied by doctors to fix the bones and cartilages of noses.

Doctors prefer different types of external nasal splints considering the structure of the nose of the patients, the type of applications, expectations, treatment processes or according to their practical habits after rhinoplasty or septoplasty surgeries in ENT-surgery units and in Emergency units.

Considering above professional situtaion ; ENTPROMED has various available options for doctors in order to maximize the efficiency and success of the treatment as well as to protect the nose.

The fact that external splint is used on the outside of the noses,in the recovery period, itcan easily be seemed by the patients in the mirror and by everyone else very clearly.

ENTPROMED have splint of various different colors or stylish shiny visual structures which can be chosen by the patients according to their preferences. These unique various options can promenintly accelerate the morale of the patients throughout the anxious recovery period which takes 4 or 5 days.